Carbon Cleaner

HHO Carbon Cleaner 6.0

HHO carbon cleaner 6.0

HHO carbon clean machine is the newest achievement with HHO gas and HHO agent cleaning at the same time. its innovative design and updated spare parts can increase the machine working efficiency to reach safer operation

Main effect

  • Energy efficient: Remove engine combustion chamber carbon completely, improve engine horsepower significantly, reduce engine vibration and save fuel consumption. To maximize the reduction of vehicle exhaust emissions, so that vehicles can be passed exhaust emission test successfully.
  • No disassembly: No need to disassembly any parts of engine (only connect to air intake)
  • Easy operation: the operation is very easy and clear, no need labour to disassembly, only 15 minutes in the whole process with high efficiency.
  • Without damage: HHO gas is clean and safe, will not damage any engine parts. HHO carbon cleaner is a kind of Nano molecule material, will not damage oil seal, gasket and engine.
  • Environment friendly: new energy, no pollution, is representative of national energy-saving and emission-reduction.
  • Authoritative certification: Four authority certification ISO, CE, FCC, TUV , a dozen of national patents and national quality system certification.